reportAnnual Reports

Here at Henry County Health Department, we are proud of our long history of dedicated public service, and continue to strive to better serve our residents and improve the health of the county. We strive for excellence in five key areas- People, Service, Quality, Growth, and Finance- which we call our Pillars of Excellence. More information on the Pillars of Excellence can be found in the following reports.

For annual reports prior to 2012, please contact us for more information.


Financial Audits

Henry County Health Department’s financial records are audited by the Ohio Auditor of State every two years to ensure public funds are being spent appropriately and lawfully. This audit includes examining the evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the Health Department’s financial statements. The Auditor of State determines if the Health Department has complied with the law, rules, ordinances and orders pertaining to health districts.


Strategic Plan

The Henry County Health Department Strategic Plan defines for Henry County residents, partnering agencies and organizations, and our staff where our agency is headed, what we plan to achieve, how we will succeed, and how we will monitor and measure progress. The Board of Health and Health Commissioner use the Strategic Plan to guide the Henry County Health Department from being a “good” health department to becoming a great health department, as defined by our Pillars of Excellence.