Environmental Health

environmental-awareness-679668_640Environmental Health Services educates the public, enforces public health laws and investigates environmental public health hazards to protect the community.


Environmental health is the discipline that focuses on improvement of people’s relationships with their environment by reducing or eliminating public health hazards.


Many of our services are required State programs and are carried out by environmental health specialists called Registered Sanitarians. Inspections are performed for a variety of retail food operations (restaurants, carry-outs, grocery stores, nursing homes, vending machines, food trucks, temporary events), residential & small flow sewage treatment systems, private water systems (wells, ponds), public recreational facilities (swimming pools & spas, RV parks, camps), body art facilities (tattoo, piercing and permanent cosmetics), schools, and investigation of public health nuisance complaints/issues (solid waste, sewage, smoke-free violations). State and local fees for services vary. See the Environmental Health Services Fee Schedule for more details.