Mosquitoes and Ticks

ZikaThe Henry County Health Department provides mosquito larvae control materials for Henry County residents at a nominal cost.  Local municipalities and villages may conduct mosquito control programs.  For more information about mosquito control you should contact the appropriate officials where you live.


To learn more about Zika virus, visit our Zika page or the Ohio Department of Health’s Zika page.






Ticks are parasites that survive by feeding on the blood of animal hosts, including humans.  Through their feeding, ticks can significantly impact the quality of life and health of humans and pets.  Most importantly, some species of ticks may spread diseases, which can result in illness or death.  Proper protection from ticks and removal are important to prevent infection. While it is a good idea to take preventive measures against ticks year-round, be extra vigilant in warmer months (April through September) when ticks are most active.




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