Sewage System Repair/Replacement Assistance

The Henry County Health Department through an award from the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund is making assistance available to income-eligible homeowners in Henry County to repair or replace their home sewage treatment systems.  The assistance will cover up to 100% of the cost to install the home sewage treatment system and to abandon the old sewage system.

Home Sewage Treatment System Award

100% poverty level = You pay 0%

200% poverty level = You pay 15%

300% poverty level = You pay 50%

For more information on income requirements, click here.


Contact Henry County Job & Family Services at 419-592-0946 with questions or to apply.

In order to qualify for assistance:

  • The applicant must own and live in the home as their primary residence.
  • Rental properties are NOT eligible for assistance.
  • The total gross yearly anticipated household income must be below 300% of the 2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines.


Income verification must be submitted for all household members over 18 years of age. 

Examples of income verification are:

  • Employment:  Copies of your 4 most recent paystubs or signed Employer Verification form for all employment.
  • Fixed Income:  A statement from the agency verifying the amount of monthly income received (such as unemployment, Social Security, SSI, Disability, Child Support, pension, etc).
  • Self-employment:  A copy of last year’s federal filed income taxes, including Profit and Loss Statement.
  • Interest Income:  A copy of bank statement reflecting the amount of interest earned last year.

Sewage System Repair/Replacement Funds Information Sheet