About Us

FrontHCHDHenry County Health Department is committed to improving the quality of life for residents of Henry County and northwest Ohio through health promotion, health education, and disease prevention. We are proud of our long history of public service and continue to strive to better serve our community. We work with many local, regional, and state partners to prevent disease and injury, promote wellness, and protect the health of all residents.


The health department has been serving and supporting the health of the community since 1919. Before 1952, Henry County and the city of Napoleon had separate health departments. In March 1952, voters decided to combine the two into a single health district – the Henry County General Health District. Many people simply know us today as the Henry County Health Department.


Henry County Health Department has a staff of approximately 50 full and part-time employees. A seven-member Board of Health oversees the operations and sets the policies of the Health Department. The Board appoints a Health Commissioner as its executive officer to direct the daily operations of the department and carry out all orders of the Board and the Ohio Department of Health. The Health Commissioner is assisted by a team of four section directors, a fiscal officer, and an office manager.

  • Director of Community Health: Joy Ermie, MPH
  • Director of Personal Health Services: Julie Lauf, RN
  • Director of Environmental Health: Jon Lindsay, RS
  • Fiscal Officer: Julie McHugh
  • Office Manager: Viola Ordaz


The Health Department is organized into four sections:

  1. Personal Health Services: Programs and services in this section focus primarily on the health care needs of individuals, including immunizations, home health and hospice, Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH), Help Me Grow, and Reproductive Health and Wellness. Communicable disease control is also included in this section.
  2. Community Health Services: This section focuses primarily on population health. Programs and services include health education and promotion, emergency preparedness and response, community health assessment and health improvement planning, and health communication.
  3. Environmental Health Services: Environmental health section addresses food, water, air, and overall environmental safety in the community.  Programs and services include food operations inspections and licensing, school environment inspections, smoking violation complaints and water system permits.
  4. Administrative Services: This section supports operations of the entire Health Department (clerical, fiscal, quality improvement, accreditation) and maintains vital records (births and deaths) occurring in the county.