Sewage Treatment Systems

Septic tankThe Health Department issues permits to install, repair, or abandon household, small flow, and gray water sewage treatment systems (septic systems). There is no sanitary sewer system available to the majority of properties located in Henry County. Therefore, many people rely on septic systems for the disposal of their sewage.


Prior to installing any sewage treatment system the land owner is required to :

  1. Obtain a soil evaluation from a qualified soil professional.
  2. Based on the results of the soil evaluation report, obtain a design plan for a Sewage Treatment System.
  3. Apply to the Henry County Health Department for a Site Review.
  4. Apply to the Henry County Health Department for a permit to install the Sewage Treatment System.


If you are buying/selling a home or upon the homeowners request, the Health Department can evaluate your existing household sewage treatment systems. See Evaluation of Sewage – Water System Application form for more details.