Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

LungsTuberculosis (TB) is a disease spread through the air from one person to another. There are two kinds of tests that are used to determine if a person has been infected with TB bacteria: the tuberculin skin test and TB blood tests.


Henry County Health Department offers the tuberculin skin test. The TB skin test (also called the Mantoux tuberculin skin test) is performed by injecting a small amount of fluid (called tuberculin) into the skin in the lower part of the arm.


A person given the tuberculin skin test must return within 48 to 72 hours to have a public health nurse look for a reaction on the arm. The public health nurse will look for a raised, hard area or swelling, and if present, measure its size using a ruler. Redness by itself is not considered part of the reaction.


All TB skin testing is done by appointment only. Clients must return the Health Department within 48 to 72 hours after the test to have the result read and recorded. Please be aware that holiday schedules can alter the days that testing can be done. To schedule an appointment, call 419-599-5545.